Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud - Safeguarding Your Digital Data with Cutting-Edge Security

What is Notary Cloud ?

Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud (ACNC) is a powerful solution for secure digital notarization, developed by Acronis, the leading provider of data protection and cyber security solutions. It is designed for businesses, organizations, and managed service providers who need to notarize and verify electronic documents, files, and emails in a tamper-proof and compliant way.

Xcobean is a Gold Partner and Aggregator of Acronis that provides the service of Acronis Cyber Notary to their clients, it’s a powerful solution that can help to meet data protection policies and minimize the time it takes to sign and verify documents, securing electronic transactions and ensuring business continuity.

Acronis Notary uses innovative blockchain technology to guarantee data integrity and document authenticity for secure digital signatures, electronic signatures, document verification and tamper-proof documents. This provides maximum security for all documents stored in the cloud, ensuring cyber protection and legal admissibility. 

A key feature of Acronis Notary is its time stamping capabilities which ensures accurate record keeping and a verifiable audit trail. Clients also benefit from automated notification systems, letting them know when documents have been signed or modified, while also enabling secure time-stamping even across multiple platforms.

At Xcobean, we make sure our customers get the best out of the Acronis Notary cloud service. Businesses can take advantage of increased security standards and better control over their sensitive information. The combination of these services helps build customer confidence and trust by providing fast access to high-quality digital evidence needed for eDiscovery processes. 

We understand what makes cloud notarization so effective: the ability to protect organizations against fraud and litigation risks, while simultaneously reducing costs associated with manual signature processes. It’s why Xcobean puts so much emphasis on helping our clients maximize their use of the Acronis Notary Cloud Service.  


Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud


The benefits of Acronis Cyber Notary include:

Tamper-proof digital notarization

Using blockchain technology, Acronis Cyber Notary creates an immutable record of a document’s content, date, and time of notarization, ensuring that the document has not been tampered with and can be relied upon for compliance and legal purposes.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

 Acronis Cyber Notary helps organizations meet data protection policies, legal and regulatory requirements by providing a secure and auditable way of notarizing and verifying electronic documents.

Digital signature and encryption

Acronis Cyber Notary uses digital signatures and encryption to authenticate the identity of the signer, ensuring that the document is coming from a trusted source and that the content of the document has not been altered.

Secure sharing and validation

Acronis Cyber Notary allows users to share notarized documents with other parties and easily validate the authenticity of the received document using blockchain technology.


Acronis Cyber Notary automatically time-stamps the notarized document, providing an auditable and tamper-proof record of when the document was notarized.

Safeguarding Your Digital Data

Try Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud and experience the power of its intuitive technology for yourself! With unprecedented accuracy and speed, it's designed to save you time while ensuring that your important digital records are securely stored and easily accessible. Plus, with its robust array of customizable features and functions, you can have total confidence in the integrity of your output. Don't take our word for it - take the plunge and see what Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud can do for you!

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