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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Duo Security

In the digital world of today, it is very important to protect your online assets. The old way of logging in with a single password is no longer enough to keep your online presence safe. That’s where Duo Security comes in, giving your online identity an extra layer of protection.

What is Duo Security?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) from Duo Security is a cutting-edge security solution that combines Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and digital identity verification. With Duo MFA, you can add an extra layer of security to your online accounts, apps, and data to make sure they are safe.

How does Duo Work?

Duo MFA works by adding another way to prove your identity on top of your password. After you type in your username and password, your phone will send you a notification to confirm your identity. From your phone, you can either say yes or no to the login request. This two-step verification process makes sure that only you can get into your accounts, even if your password is stolen.

What Applications Does Duo Protect?

Application Security – duo can protect many different kinds of apps, such as your online banking, email, social media, and more. With Duo’s open APIs, you can connect it to any app that needs to be secured. This makes it easy to use Duo MFA with the apps you already know and trust.

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Trusted Users

Verify your users’ identities with two‑factor authentication:

Enforce user access policies by:

  • Block logins based on IP or countries
  • Block users on anonymous networks, like Tor
Duo Trusted Users
Trusted Devices

Trusted Devices

Check the security health of all your users’ devices, including:

  • Out-of-date operating systems, browsers or plugins
  • Enabled security features, like screen lock
  • Rooted or jailbroken status
  • Trusted or not based on certificates

Enforce device access policies: 

  • For corporate-owned vs. personal devices
  • Control what devices can access apps based on device certificates
  • Block, notify and restrict access of users with risky devices
  • Prompt users to update their own devices

Secure Every Application

Secure access to any application:

  • Integrate with on-premises apps like RDP, SSH, UNIX and more 
  • Secure VPNs –  remote access gateways like Cisco, Juniper, etc.
  • Native support for protecting all cloud apps like Office 365, Salesforce, AWS & more
  • Protect federated cloud apps
  • Allows users to connect to on-premises web apps without a VPN

Enforce application access policies:

  • Control which internal apps are accessible by remote users
  • Provide a single web portal to access on-premises and cloud-based applications with Duo’s secure single sign-on (SSO)

Duo makes security painless, so you can focus on what’s important.

Keeping your business safe so you can be sure of it. Find out why businesses trust Duo's secure and easy-to-use security solutions to keep their data and devices safe, both now and in the future. Get easier onboarding and more control over who can get into your networks. With fine-grained configuration options, it's easy to keep track of users and make sure that strict safety standards are met. Our experts have the technical know-how and industry experience to give you the best service so you can confidently navigate the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats.

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